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Raised Access Flooring Solutions

Unlike other companies that only offer one manufacturer, we offer the products of the top 5 American manufacturers and many overseas companies. The more companies you have to select from, the more competitive pricing you get pure and simple.

What We Offer

Full service and experience that matters.

It may not take a rocket scientist to install a raised floor, but a seasoned installer can identify an issue before it becomes a problem, and that takes experience. The same holds true in system selection. Choose a wrong finish or wrong performance grade panel for the specific application and you render nothing but ongoing headaches. Likewise, allowing a general contractor to have all the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing trades do their installations after the raised floor is in place opens up a whole new potential for having to repair the damage done to the new raised floor. There are any things that can go wrong during a raised floor installation beginning with system selection all the way through to post-construction cleanup. That's why it's so important to hire the raised floor professional that has the foresight to identity and avoid issues before they become problems.

Who We Are

We are consultants and contractors. We do not dabble in our trade; we are dedicated to it. We operate on the belief that one can't be an expert in a multitude of disciplines. We don't offer online purchasing, nor do we believe in selling blindly to clients who may be purchasing the wrong product. We work with architects and engineers to assist in systems design and the building of sustainable projects. We work alongside general contractors and subcontractors to ensure the client gets the best possible finished product at the most competitive price. We have consulted to the United States Department of Defense and its multiple branches, the United States Department of Transportation, and to a Fortune 100 medical device manufacturer - just to name a few.

We Are Available Worldwide

We have worked overseas in many countries and at various U.S. Military bases. We have the experience to handle overseas work and we hold to the same principles as our domestic work. The overseas market presents challenges not found in the domestic market including different working conditions and national political influences and local customs, having to utilize, engage, and manage different work forces, and building critical local business partnerships to assist in all these factors. To compound these challenges, transportation logistics as well as other important factors must be solved. John Pendergast Consulting is experienced in these types of ventures: we have been involved in numerous overseas projects of varying complexity.